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First Taste Oregon and it’s management staff has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy utilizing the latest television, radio, newspaper, periodicals, website, and social media strategies to promote event attendance. As a vendor we value your marketing strategies and influence. If you would like to include First Taste marketing materials in your marketing efforts or collaborate efforts, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest in First Taste Oregon, we will be opening up to exhibitor applications soon. Please download our exhibitor application when it becomes available and follow the instructions. We review each application and a representative will contact you to to complete the process. Send us your application, we’ll contact you shortly to process.

First Taste Oregon is an all ages event. Identification will be checked and minors will receive a red wristband. Not every attendee over the age of 21 will receive a wristband, those meeting visible age requirements 26 or older may not have a wristband. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to ensure alcohol servers are verifying age of any patron appearing 26 or younger. A wrist band is NOT a proof of age and wristbands may be removed by security for intoxication or those patrons that are cut off from being served.

First Taste wants all exhibitors to sell lots of products and we don’t want sales to suffer because people don’t want to carry their items. Therefore customers have the option to bring items to the info/concierge desk and we will check it for them so they may continue shopping. If a customer purchases a case lot or other large items, volunteer staff will be available to pick up items directly from the exhibitor booth. Additionally First Taste volunteers can provide assistance to customer vehicles, tips are always welcomed and encouraged, of course.

Exhibitors, at the time of check in, will receive First Taste staff’s direct contact information and be provided full access during the event. If you should need to contact us before the event or after the event, please us contact information provided here:
Office: 866-904-6165
Email: info@firsttasteoregon.com
Fax: 866-509-3212

Set Up:
Special set up hours and days will be posted soon. Vendors are allowed access to the buildings one hour prior to public opening with credentials. Food vendors may make arrangements for earlier access.
Festival Hours:
Friday, from 4 pm to 9 pm & Saturday from NOON to 9 pm
Clean Up:
Saturday, at closing – 9:15 pm to Midnight; (Security not provided after closing) & Sunday, 8 am to 11 am. Clean up is not permitted prior to advertised closing.

Exhibitor booths are provided with one 8’ table with white top & black nylon skirt plus 2 chairs and a booth sign.  Decorator for 2022 is pending.

First Taste Oregon provides live music on two separate stages during the event. During the daytime hours of the event music noise level is kept at a level low; enough to promote communication while adding ambiance to event goers. During the evening hours, noise level is allowed to be a little bit higher to promote the spirit of the event.

All First Taste exhibitors will receive passes and credentials at the time of check in. Credentials will be required for any and all individuals staffing or providing support for exhibitor booths. Passes and Credentials are interchangeable between staff prior to their event entry. Additional passes are available to purchase for $8 each and can be purchased at check in.

DO NOT LEAVE PASSES IN YOUR BOOTH FOR THE NEXT SHIFT.  Please leave them at WILL CALL and instruct all personnel to do the same. WILL CALL is at the cashiers area at the main entry to the event.

Booths at First Taste are draped with an 8’ back wall and 3’ side walls. In an effort to enhance all exhibitors’ experience at the event, exceeding wall heights is not allowed without permission from First Taste management.

First Taste exhibits and exhibitors must comply with appropriate local and state fire regulations. More information can be found on the Salem Fire Department Website or by contacting them directly at 503-588-6245.

First Taste Oregon has an active occupancy permit on file with the Fire Department.  NOTE: Pop up tents and canopies may not be allowed and must be cleared with the Fire Marshall prior to set up.  No lighter than air (helium) balloons are allowed.

Extension cords MUST be commercially rate 3 wire approved, and may not be “daisy chained” or linked.  All cords must plug directly to a power source or approved power strip.

The official Host Hotel for First Taste Oregon 2022 will be announced soon!

First Taste provides 2 complimentary bags of ice each day to brewery, cider, culinary, wine and spirit exhibitors. First Taste volunteers and will be onsite to assist you with ice provisions. Please remember to tip them! Exhibitors who require additional ice, ice will be available at an additional cost.

First Taste staff will check identification for anyone that appears to be under the age of 26. Staff will provide wristbands to anyone over the age of 21. While wristbands are not required for anyone over 21, they are strongly encouraged.

Designated Drivers will also have either DD Wristbands or name badges to identify them as DD

First Taste exhibitors are required to have a certificate of liability insurance. Requested minimum coverage for liability insurance is $1,000,000 with the certificate holder named Ingalls & Associates as well as First Taste Oregon. Exhibitor’s insurance certificates must be received prior to or at move in. Please contact us with any questions.

First Taste Oregon provides complimentary parking to exhibitors and customers. In order to provide the best experience for all, exhibitors must park in the East lot and be as far away from the building as possible. Exhibitors may temporarily park close to access points for set up, but then must be parked in the East lot prior to event opening.

Liquor Liability and OLCC Permit:
First Taste Oregon must receive an Oregon Liquor Control Commission special event permit application and fee payable to OLCC from any alcohol related exhibitors. Pre filled forms include required information and are provided for you to use. PLEASE USE OUR FORMS! First Taste Oregon is responsible to the OLCC for the master alcohol plan which includes the individual exhibitors. This plan will be printed and handed out to all exhibitors at the event.

Restaurant Health Permits:
All restaurants, culinary, and caterers are required to have a temporary restaurant license through the Marion County Health Department. You can reach them at 503-588-5346 or online at http://www.co.marion.or.us/HLT/PH/EHS/Pages/rules.aspx Permits are to be filed at least 5 days prior to the event to avoid late fees.

Electricity orders are made as part of the First Taste Oregon main exhibitor application. Event facilities will charge for EVERY outlet used –wall or otherwise. Exhibitors are encouraged to order in advance to avoid late fees. Any changes to a current order, questions about amp load, or other electrical questions, please contact First Taste management for assistance.

First Taste is dedicated to creating a value packed experience. Part of creating an incredible experience is through prize giveaways for event attendees. Exhibitors are encouraged to participate by offering prizes, gifts, certificates and other goodies. Providing these resources gives exhibitors more exposure and additional booth promotion during the giveaways. If you would like to offer a give away please contact us.

Alcohol Sales:
Exhibitor sales at First Taste are encouraged by the taste, glass, or where permitted, by the bottle or case. Complying with OLCC rules, never open any bottle for consumption at the event. Onsite consumption is permitted only by the taste or by the glass. Growlers may be filled by those exhibitors with proper license, but must not be consumed at the event. Exhibitors should tape or secure growler tops for transport. First Taste door monitors will not allow unsecured or partially filled growlers to leave the event.

Merchandise Sales:
All exhibitors are encouraged to sell merchandise to event attendees! Wine glasses, shirts, hats and other merchandise are all great ways to ensure your time at First Taste is not only successful but profitable. Please note, First Taste Oregon merchandise area will also be selling wine glasses and beer glasses and event branded merchandise.

First Taste provides DPSST certified security during public hours only. The building is cleared and locked by Facility staff at closing of set up and event dates.

Alcohol Monitors in addition to security patrol the event at all times during public hours.

Alcohol Sample Glasses:
Exhibitors offering samples and tastes will need to provide plastic glasses for sampling. All samples must comply with OLCC guidelines. The First Taste info booth will be selling a limited number of full size event glasses, but sample sized glasses will not be sold or provided.

Sample and Taste Pricing:
First Taste Oregon does not set prices, however reasonable per sample costs are encouraged. The event promotes fees ranging from $1 and up.

Taste Coupons:
First Taste does not sell taste coupons, tickets, or tokens. However, First Taste does have VIP packages that may include complimentary tastings as provided by some exhibitors. Exhibitors wishing to donate tastes to the VIP packages are encouraged to do so. Complimentary tastings are another way exhibitors can receive promotion at the event. Please contact First Taste management to donate.

First Taste provides a limited number of VIP Packages include admission for one day, an event glass, complimentary tastes, and access to the VIP Lounge area with catered hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.

The First Taste Oregon Wine Competition is open to exhibitors only and takes place in early January. Competition entry and details coming soon. Medallions are awarded at the event – and our winners are highlighted in the event program.

Application & Forms

Please fill out forms entirely and email directly to:
Exhibitor Application
Grower OLCC Permit
Winery OLCC Permit
Brewery OLCC Permit
Distillery OLCC Permit
Decorator Order Form
Wine Competition