Adam’s Rib Smoke House
1210 State St
Salem, Oregon

Adam’s Rib Smokehouse is an Authentic American BBQ Joint. We are known for our outstanding slow-smoked barbecue meats, home made side dishes and uncompromising commitment to service.
(503) 362-2194
Delicious Candied Pecans, Almonds, Cashews & Peanuts

We’re a family owned glazed nut company based out of Portland.

Bakke Brothers
P.O. Box 308
Hubbard, OR

Bakke Brothers Brand: Changing the world, one bag of jerky at a time. All new recipes are made without any added nitrites, gluten free and MSG free.
Big Game Meats
18797 Highway 99E
Hubbard, Oregon

Big Game Meats is an exotic meat shop specializing in smoked meats and custom processing. Our naturally smoked meat snacks are handcrafted with organic and fresh ingredients. Our sausages are unique and full of flavor. Try some today!
(503) 381-4483
Bo & Vine Burger Bar
176 Liberty St NE
Bo & Vine is an Oregon-grown burger bar where friends gather and explore their inner foodie. We feature handcrafted grassfed beef burgers, 20+ dipping sauces, housemade tots & fries, local beer & wine pairings, creative shakes, and more!

In November 2016 partners Mike, Matt and Brian began discussing the opportunity to bring something special to Oregon. After a lot of dreaming, planning, and hard work, the first Bo & Vine was launched in Salem on June 2nd, 2017. With two locations – 1 in Salem, 1 in Corvallis – Bo & Vine is dedicated to creating the best burgers in the PNW!

Bo & Vine Burger Bar
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Chez Alishon
Keizer, Oregon
Traditional Food with a European Flair

Chez Alishon features Gyro’s, Pita’s (including a vegetarian option), something for the kids and best of all…fresh Baklava!!! Perfect with your beverage of choice!!

(503) 409-3278
(503) 393-9039
Conan’s Hot Sauces & Marinades

Conan’s Island Ju Ju Hot Sauce is a fresh, all natural, preservative and gluten free food. It is amazingly versatile and comes in 3 delicious flavors: Roasted Jalapeno Pineapple, Chipotle Mango, and Roasted Habanero Mango. Use it as a marinade, for braising, glazing, BBQ, and as a condiment. Great on all foods and in recipes. Amazing for multiple course meals and wine pairings.
(360) 314-5969
Fordyce Farm
7023 Sunnyview Rd NE
Salem, Oregon

Fordyce Farm is operated by Raymond and Annette Fordyce and their six children. Our store is open May through October, 8:00 till 6:00. November to May you can find us at the Salem Indoor Farmer’s Market (where its warm and dry).

Fordyce Farms offers u-pick fruit and already-picked fruit, vegetables, perennials, summer-blooming bulbs, and pumpkins in October. We are commuted to offering the highest quality and best experience to our customers. Our farm is beautiful and we truly enjoy having people come for a day in the country.
(503) 362-5105
Granny Fi’s Shortbread
Sherwood oregon
Traditional Scottish Shortbread

We make the best Traditional Scottish Shortbread this side of the pond, maybe even ever! I am originally from UK. The recipe is my Mothers and Grandmothers who are Scottish. Like chocolate chip recipes everyone has one, but ours just melts in your mouth.
It is packaged in individual pieces or in larger amounts, either in gift tins or larger bulk bags.
People often think of shortbread during the holidays but why wait.
Greenville Farms
43500 NW Greenville Rd
Forest Grove, OR

We are a family-owned 45 acre farm outside of Forest Grove, about 25 miles outside of Portland. We use sustainable farming practices to preserve our land and soil while providing food for our community. For more than 14 years we have been bringing sustainably grown veggies, eggs, jams and goodies from our farm to you at local Farmers Markets and through our CSA.
(503) 866-6152
Hoss Soss
2605 Hawthorne Ave NE
Salem OR 97301
(please note: this is not a brick and mortar storefront, this is just our business address!)
Hoss Soss crafts high quality hot sauces with heat you can handle! All of our sauces are gluten- and preservative-free, all natural, tasty and made in Oregon.

Matt Kuerbis and Catharine Sutherland created Hoss Soss to solve a mouthwatering dilemma: how to find a hot sauce that spices things up deliciously without eclipsing every other taste on the plate and igniting a raging inferno in your belly? Hoss Soss brings the balanced, delicious flavors you’re looking for with a kick of heat that is safe for marinating, sauteeing — and pouring all over your tacos!
Imperfect Produce
1616 Donner Ave.
San Francisco, CA
In a world obsessed with perfection, we’re here to show the beauty in imperfection. We’re here to make a statement that our differences are what make us beautiful. We invite you to join our community and help us build a less wasteful world that’s as beautiful as it is delicious!

Did you know that every year in the US, billions of pounds of healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables go to waste on farms, often just because they’re not “pretty” enough for supermarket displays?

At Imperfect, we believe that there is no reason to waste perfectly good fruits and vegetables. We’re tackling food waste head on by sourcing “ugly” and surplus produce straight from farms and delivering it right to your door for about 30% less than grocery store prices! All boxes are customizable (you pick your produce and how often it arrives) and filled with affordable, delicious ugly produce.

We’re showing the world the beauty of ugly produce by making fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable and accessible for everyone. We invite you to join us in reducing food waste and eating better, one crooked carrot and heart-shaped potato at a time!
NW Elixirs
14854 SW Lowell Ln
Sherwood, OR
NW Elixirs makes spicy cooking sauces that are all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, and free of refined sugars. Marinade, stir-fry, grill, cook, use as a finishing sauce or tableside. These sauces will make any meal burst with flavor.

NW Elixirs makes spicy cooking sauces that will make you think you have a chef in your kitchen! Our award-winning all-natural sauces will turn any meal into a culinary experience that bursts with flavor. The sauces are perfect complements whether cooking, grilling, baking, marinating or using as a finishing sauce. Meats, vegetables, soups, salads, even beverages and desserts! They are an ingredient you’ll use for every meal. Strictly all-natural, we don’t use refined sugars, gums, gluten, or any preservatives. This is unique because it allows our sauce’s robust spices to develop while cooking without affecting the flavor. Try them and see how our “Hott” cooking sauces have earned their additional “t”.
Olivers Gourmet

Allan Berry, aka “The Garlic Guy”, has started his own brand. Olivers Gourmet continues the pickled garlic phenomenon with six different versions. Highly medicinal if never exposed to heat, garlic contains allicin, an enzyme that fends off illness, lowers blood pressure and more. Most folks just like to eat as a tasty snack. We also offer pickled veggies, hand stuffed olives and cocktail mixes. YUM!
(360) 977-1440
Pacific Crab Company
920 4th Ave
Seaside OR

Based in Seaside Oregon, we serve only fresh and seasonal coastal seafood fare. At our table, local Dungeness Crab is king! Come try our Crabby Leek Chowder, fresh Cocktails, and our famous Dungeness Crab Melts. Everything you try at Pacific Crab Company, from the sweet and spicy pickle to the sauces are all house made. We invite you to… “Taste the Coast!”
River Wave Foods
23512 NE 206TH ST
Local WA state based artisan food company

River Wave Foods is a local WA state artisan food company that specializes in sauces and vinaigrette s . Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients available, no additives, fillers, artificial ingredients or gluten. Our products : My Thai Gourmet Sauce, Berriyaki Sauce, Argentinean Chimichurri Sauce, My Thai Vinaigrette, Berriyaki Vinaigrette and a unique and eclectic fig and olive tapenade.

River Wave Foods
Tbee S Honey
18185 SW Stark Rd
Sherwood, Oregon

LOCAL RAW HONEY! We sell Raw Honey…Pollen…..Propolis….Royal Jelly ..and Bees Wax! Prices vary so give Ron Stark a call @ 503-858-7207

(503) 858-7207
Vendors are We

Vendors are We is a small Portland based business bringing unique and exciting products to the Portland area via farmers markets, special events and more

(971) 533-4121
Vital Salts
Talent, OR
Transforms simple into sensational!

Thank you for your interest in Vital Salts. We are open and into production and ready to ship you our healthy and delicious Black Truffle Sesame Salt. Jennifer, my sister and founder of Vital Salts is very busy with her health and wellness center in Mount Shasta, CA. As she focuses on that opportunity, I am reviving the wonderful business that she started in Vital Salts. I am committed to providing the same delicious alternative to regular salts that she created. I hope to earn your business going forward by providing you with a product that you know and have come to enjoy.

Gomashio is a traditional Asian seasoning used in macrobiotic cooking. We offer our own unique version using the rich flavor of black truffles, combining it with the warmth of toasted organic white and black sesame. This product contains the finest mineral rich sea and pink salts and contains approximately 15% salt by volume. It comes in a 6 oz glass, 5 hole shaker jar with a white plastic lid. It is 3.5 oz by volume. It is excellent on soups, salads and potatoes. Transforms simple into sensational!

Buy VitalSalts on Etsy
Whimsy Chocolates
Whimsy Chocolates makes gourmet chocolates in small batches using local products to create a wide variety of flavors.

We (my Mother-in-Law and I) make all of our chocolates in Battle Ground, Wa in small batches. We do not add any preservatives to our chocolate creations.

Our favorite part of business is partnering with other local artisan companies. A few of our Collaborations are:
Jacobsen Salt Co. (Salted Caramels)
Bee Local Honey (Honey Meltaways)
Jasmine Pearl Tea (Tea Infused Caramels)
Portland Soda Works (Root Beer Truffles)
Koi Pond Cellars (Wine Truffles)

We have an entire line of chocolates that are Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Vegan. They are made with Organic Coconut Oil instead of butter and cream. They are delicious! Even the non-allergy customers buy them! Stop by our booth for free samples!